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  • Colleague:

    "How are you?"

  • Me:

    "Alright. You?"

  • Colleague:

    "Far better than you, trust me."

  • Ah, thanks random asshole for putting the fire in me to protest that my life doesn't suck.

I apparently “hide my [mental illness] well.” and I “seem normal.”.

Whilst usually said with the best of intentions, I’ve never liked that “compliment”, primarily because its arse-backwards. Plus it begets an air of dishonesty, as it implies I’m putting on a show for the world around me.

My mental illness hides ME well.

I can’t say things, or do things, or express myself properly because I sporadically have the capability to do so. I say stupid things despite having the best of intentions. I’m either so subdued that I’m silent, or so hyperactive that I’m close to shouting. I lock myself in loops, which is frustrating to realise as I waste days on end over a trivial task. I can’t sleep because my mind is on fire.

Although i can’t speak for everyone, a better compliment, to me, would be…”You’re overcoming it.” not “You’re hiding it well.”.

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